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LONDON JOB FAIR(S) & PROCURECO (Procurement Opportunities in Social Housing & Public Sector)


Reservation of exhibition space and/or workshops at any of the London Jobs Fairs and ProcureCo which includes the following events – South, East, West and North London Jobs Fair(s)/ProcureCo or any combination of these programmes is subject to these Terms and Conditions to the exclusion of all other Terms and Conditions. Prior to making a reservation, please read these carefully and be satisfied that you understand them. Submission of the booking form or acceptance or declaration of a reservation of exhibition space (procurement and non-procurement), advertising space or sponsorship packages, will be deemed an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

1.0 Clauses:

1.1 “You” means the individual or organisation who submits an order to reserve space at the event and/or advertising space or sponsorship packages.

1.2 “We” “us” or “our” means 3D Change on behalf of the ‘London Jobs Fair(s) Steering Group and Lead Partner’, all working jointly to deliver the programme.

1.3 “Candidates” means the individual attending the event in pursuit of an opportunity.

1.4 “Procurement exhibition space” means those exhibitors taking space in the area, which is reserved specifically for companies that are suppliers to the housing associations or those companies wishing to promote their products and/or services to the Partner Housing Associations.

1.5 “Sponsorship packages” means those employers that take up any sponsorship package or any of the other sponsorship packages that are supporting the London Jobs Fairs/ProcureCo Sponsors will be placed in the area specifically reserved for them.

1.6 “Programme” refers to the London Jobs Fairs and ProcureCo programmes that you have purchased a package from.


2.1 The reservation of all procurement sponsorship packages and non-procurement exhibition space for the ‘London Jobs Fair(s)/ProcureCo’, are made subject to availability, and our acceptance of your order/booking. Submitting a booking form does not guarantee acceptance at the event. It is your responsibility to ensure that all details entered on the booking form or supplied to organisers (3D Change) are complete and accurate. It is your responsibility that any bookings made either via the website or manually via email correspondence are accurate and correct. Booking forms should be completed electronically via the website or emailed directly to the organisers at 3D Change unless there is an alternative agreement in writing by 3D Change.

2.2 Upon receipt of your order, we will send you a VAT invoice for the amount to be paid, which must be paid on receipt and in any event no later than 10 working days from the date of Invoice or earlier. All Invoices must be paid before the date of the event you have booked sponsorship or exhibition space for, in order for your organisation to be eligible to attend. On the occasion that you make a late booking, payment must be made at the discretion of 3D Change on the agreement of the payment date. Paid exhibition, advertising space or sponsorship packages at the event reserved by payment in advance. No order will be valid, and no space will be reserved (even where an acknowledgement of order has been issued) until we have received payment from you in full. Please note that reception rules apply for the posting of cheques for payment of space including sponsorship packages, and that payment will not be deemed to be received until a cheque has cleared or monies have been transferred via BACs into 3D Change’s accounts. In the event of a booked organisation owing money, we reserve the right to request immediate payment prior to the event taking place. Should we for any reason agree to reserve a space at the event or advertising space prior to receipt of payment, if payment is not made in accordance with the terms agreed or otherwise upon request, we may reallocate your space to another exhibitor.

2.3   Failure to make payment within the specified date stated on the invoice will result in your company logo being removed from the website.

2.4   You will receive an acknowledgement that your booking form has been received within 3 working days of receipt of the booking.  Upon dispatch of such acceptance of order, provided that payment has been made in accordance with Clause 2.0/ 2.1, a legally binding agreement shall be deemed to have come into effect on the date that appears on the acceptance of order.


3.1   On confirming bookings for exhibiting, advertising space or sponsorship packages, we will supply you with details of the expected advertisement copy format and copy final deadline. It will be your responsibility to supply any copy requested by the specified date in the specified format. In the event that you fail to supply copy in the correct format and by the specified date, no monies will be refunded, and no advertisement will appear. It is your responsibility to check the copy for accuracy. The advertisement shall comply with any guidelines imposed by us including without limitation any maximum number of words and we reserve the right to refuse to publish any advertisement that in our reasonable opinion is inappropriate, offensive or likely to cause offence to a significant number of people or likely to promote any kind of prejudice. Whilst we use reasonable endeavours to reproduce the advertisements accurately, we cannot be liable for any error, misprint or inaccuracy unless such matters arise from our negligence.

3.2   Stands must be fully staffed at all times. The exhibitor must not tamper or alter any permanent structural fixtures such as lighting, walls and carpets. Failure to comply with this will lead to the exhibitor being fined for any damage incurred.

3.3   The organiser maintains the right to remove any materials deemed to be obscene, offensive or of objectionable nature from the exhibition. Compensation will not be given on this merit.

3.4   The exhibitor may not use any public-address equipment for broadcasting purposes.


4.1   If you wish to cancel your reserved space or sponsorship package for any of the London Jobs Fairs/ProcureCo programme, you must notify us immediately in writing. Subject to clauses 5 and 15.2, the following refund policy shall apply for any cancellations of exhibition space received by us:

4.1.1    Individual events

      • 62+ days prior to event – 50% refund of the total costs
      • 61-32 days prior to event – 25% refund of the total costs
      • 31 days or fewer prior to event – no refund

 4.1.2    Multiple Events

If you have purchased a package to exhibit at multiple events the above will still apply and the first event that you would have registered for will be taken into account as the start of a package.

4.2   Subject to clauses 5 and 15.2,

For other types of sponsorship packages that do not involve exhibition space, there will be no refund whatsoever for cancellations received by us fewer than 35 days prior to the event taking place under any circumstances unless the reason for such cancellation is due to our negligent act or omission.  Or in the case where material has gone to print there will be no refund of any monies. It is anticipated printing will take place between 30 to 35 days prior to an event taking place.

If you wish to cancel any advertising space, you must notify us immediately in writing. Any advertising or printing that has taken place prior to receiving the cancellation will not be refunded under any circumstances unless the reason for cancellation is due to our negligent act or omission.


5.1   The event will start at [TIME] and end at [TIME] We anticipate set up time for all events will begin at [TIME]. Doors open [TIME] to [TIME] for exhibitors to set up. At [TIME] doors open for jobseekers. Between [TIME] – [TIME] all exhibitors are expected to remain with their exhibition stands. Pack up time for all exhibitors commences from [TIME] onwards. Exhibitors must vacate the exhibition space by [TIME]. An hour between [TIME] – [TIME] has been allocated for networking – this is subject to change. Confirmation details of all access to the venue and timetables will be sent out in the lead up to the event.

5.2   Exhibitors must ensure that exhibitor breakdown does not occur prior to [TIME]. This may incur a penalty charge if not agreed with the organisers in advance.

5.3   Procurement exhibitors (those placed in the area reserved for them) will incur a penalty charge of 25% of the total cost of the booking if they fail to attend the booked event.


6. 1 The organiser reserves the right to require the exhibitor to remove anything from their stand which is not appropriately certified or which it deems unsuitable, in its absolute discretion. The exhibitor will indemnify the organiser against all actions, costs, claims and demands in respect of any breach of the provisions of this clause.

6.2 Any large or weighty items should be delivered and removed only when stand personnel are in attendance to supervise delivery and collection.

6.3 We are not liable for any personal property brought or left at the stands, it is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.


7.1   We reserve the right at any time to change the venue of an event to a reasonably suitable alternative where there is reasonable cause to do so. On that occasion, we will endeavour to provide you with space at the new venue equivalent to that originally booked. Should we be unable to accommodate you in this way, any monies paid will be refunded in accordance with clause 4.0.

7.2   We reserve the right, due to cancellation of the event to reschedule within a year of the original date, retaining any original deposits or payments that have been made without refund, so that your position is booked according to the new date.


8.1   In agreeing to these terms and conditions you are also agreeing to provide a social value contribution for the candidate(s) attending the event and looking for an opportunity. These contributions will take the form of an offer of one or more of the following: Job Vacancies, Work Experience, Work Shadowing, Apprenticeships, Internships, and Volunteering, Short- or long-term contracts, In-house training or any other work support you can offer. These contributions will be provided for one or more attendees of the event and must take place within a year’s period of “you” signing up to the contribution.

8.2   All vacancies, contributions, work experience, work shadowing, internships and volunteering must be submitted via email to 14 days prior to the event. All social value contributions will be advertised on the programme’s website and via our Vacancy Bulletin or any other advertising vehicles that 3D Change wish to utilise.

8.3   3D Change request that any changes, delays or deviations must always be put in writing.


9.1   All exhibitors must hold a valid public liability insurance certificate.

9.2   We will take reasonable precautions to ensure your security and protection at the event. However, with the exception of liability for death and personal injury caused by our negligence or the negligence of our employees or fraudulent misrepresentation, we accept no liability for any loss or damage (including without limitation to tangible property), costs or expenses, claims, losses, breach of contract, loss of business, loss of profits, loss or depletion of goodwill, loss of contracts, loss of opportunity or any type of financial, economic, direct, special, indirect or consequential loss of any nature whatsoever (whether arising in contract, tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise) and including without limitation any loss or damage suffered by you as a result of an action brought by any third party even if such loss was reasonably foreseeable or we had been advised of the possibility of you incurring the same. All terms, conditions, warranties and other matters which may be implied by statute or common law (except for those conditions that are implied by law and which cannot be excluded by contractual agreement) are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. Accordingly, except as expressly set out in these Terms and Conditions, we shall have no liability of any nature whatsoever to you.

You acknowledge that the exclusions and limitations of liability set out in these Terms and Conditions are reasonable in view of the nature of the services being provided and the level of payment due, neither party shall be liable to the other if they are unable to provide the facilities or comply with any part of these Terms and Conditions due to events beyond either party’s control which include but are not limited to acts of God. Neither party shall be liable for any delay in providing the facilities, or performing obligations or for failure to perform obligations (other than an obligation to pay money) if the delay or failure results from circumstances beyond its control (whether happening in the United Kingdom or elsewhere) including without limitation force majeure, Act of God, act of government, act of terrorism, fire, flood, earthquake, war, explosion, accident, criminal act, civil commotion, reduction or failure of power supplies, student demonstration or sit-in, industrial dispute, delays in transportation, impossibility of obtaining information or any other cause outside such party’s reasonable control.


You shall hold insurance cover which is appropriate in terms of the nature of the policy and the level of cover and which covers the indemnity given in this clause. Such insurance shall be effective and in force for a period which includes the date when the event takes place and you agree to provide evidence of such insurance to us upon request. You agree to fully and effectively indemnify us against all costs, claims, demands, liabilities, expenses, damages or losses (including without limitation consequential losses, loss of profit and loss of reputation, and all interest, penalties and legal and other professional obligations) to the premises, its servants, contractors or agents where such damage is attributable to the negligence or any act or omission of you, or your servants, contractors or agents.

11.0 VENUE

We will provide you with a floor plan for the venue and specifications for your space. Whilst we use reasonable endeavours to ensure the accuracy of such plans and specifications, we accept no liability for variation in the actual size or location of each exhibition space provided.


The hiring of exhibition space at the event will be subject to any fire, health and safety, evacuation and other regulations or procedures applicable to the venue, and it will be your responsibility to acquaint yourself with such regulations and procedures. The regulations and procedures are available upon request before and during the event. You agree to comply with all such policies, regulations and procedures and all reasonable instructions given to you by us or by the owners of the venue and to ensure the compliance of your employees, servants, contractors or agents. You agree to be fully responsible for and liable for the acts and omissions of your employees, sub-contractors and any employees of such sub-contractors arising out of or in connection with this clause and agree to fully and effectively indemnify us against any and all losses, claims, damages, costs, charges, expenses, liabilities, demands, proceedings and actions which we may sustain or incur, or which may be brought or established against it by any person and which in any case arising out of or in relation to any breach or alleged breach of this clause by you or any of your employees, servants, contractors or agents.


We may refuse to accept an order:

(a) Where we cannot obtain authorisation for your payment;

(b) If there has been a pricing or product description error; or the product is deemed unsuitable for the event

(c) If you do not meet any eligibility criteria set out in our terms of use.

(d) If monies have not been received into our accounts.


14.1 Only authorised persons may broadcast, film or photograph the event. Those who do not have consent may be removed from the venue at the discretion of organisers (3D Change).

14.2 Any exhibitors wishing not to be filmed or photographed must inform the organisers prior to the event taking place.


15.1 Completion and submission of the booking form implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. These may be varied only with our prior agreement such agreement to be in writing and signed by an authorised representative of us.

15.2 We reserve the right to alter the terms and conditions on giving you 14 days written notice of our intention to do so and of the changes that will be made.

15.3 You may terminate the Agreement made pursuant to these Terms and Conditions by notifying us in writing within 7 days after signing the contract, unless the event is scheduled to take place within 7 days or less (this means there will be no cooling-off period) of receiving the notice set out in clause 13 above. If you do not respond within this time-scale you will have been deemed to have accepted the changes to the Terms and Conditions.

15.4 On termination of the Terms and Conditions in accordance with clauses 5 or Clause 15.2 above, we will refund you any monies paid within 30 days of receipt of your notice of termination. You agree that this will be your sole remedy against us for any change made to the venue of the event or any change made to these Terms and Conditions and will be in full and final settlement of such termination to the total exclusion of all other rights, remedies and claims.


No person who is not a party to these terms and conditions shall have any rights under the contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of these terms and conditions.


Should any part of the provisions of these terms and conditions be found to be unenforceable and/or unlawful that part will be omitted or assumed to be adjusted to be considered lawful and the remaining terms will continue as valid.


These terms and conditions and any disputes that may arise will be governed by English law.


The information you supply to us using this form will be stored electronically and used in order to administer the London Jobs Fair(s)/ProcureCo and to notify you of other events/programmes organised by 3D Change. If you do not wish to receive notification of other events/programmes organised by 3D Change, please let us know so that we can remove your name from our mailing database. It will not be passed on to any other parties without your consent.

The ‘London Job Fair(s) & ProcureCo’ are owned and managed by 3D Change.

All enquiries should be directed to


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