Name: Sarah

Status prior to Jobs Fair: Unemployed

LJF: June 2016

Position: Team Leader


I am married with 2 children. Before attending the London Jobs Fair in 2016 I was unemployed; looking for part-time work 10-16 hours per week to fulfil my requirements as an EU citizen and to be eligible for in-work benefits.
In May I approached St Giles Trust to help support me with accommodation and finding work. I was assisted into temporary accommodation and with my employment Support worker on the G.R.O.W. project, we attended the London Jobs Fair in Croydon. I got talking to Lucy from Tactical Solutions regarding part-time work that would fit in with my requirements. She contacted me a week later and arranged for me to meet her and the team at Jobcentre Plus where she registered me for part-time work as a casual Retail Merchandiser/Sales Assistant with Lidl stores in South London, working 10-16 hrs per week at the weekends as of June. As my husband was able to provide childcare cover at the weekends, this worked out really well for us. It also gave me a chance to apply for College in September doing entry-level Health & Social Care which I have now completed as of June 2017. I am now in permanent and settled accommodation and I have a permanent contract with Lidl for 16 hrs per week which I start in June.

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man smiling at camera from jobs fairStands at the jobs fair meeting jobseekers