Name – Shade

Status prior to Jobs Fair – Unemployed 6 months

LJF – June 2019

Position – Management Accountant


Shade is a single mum with three children who was looking for work in the Finance sector. At the Jobs Fair, she met Eamonn at the Construction Careers stand. Even though Finance wasn’t his field he did what he could to help. Together they searched online and found something that was more suitable for Shade to apply for. Eamonn then gave some useful CV and interview tips.

After the event Shade was invited for an interview. She was nervous and needed some support, so contacted Eamonn to ask if he would help her prepare. He was happy to do so and invited her to come along to his offices. She had intended to go alone, but at the last minute, she had to take all 3 of her children with her, one being unwell. Eamonn wasn’t fazed by this and the prep went well. Shade really appreciated Eamonn’s willingness to assist her, the practical preparation for the interview helped build her confidence.

She had the interview and started working full time on 10th July as a Management Accountant – Engineering Projects Team.


‘The whole point of the Jobs Fair is to help people get a job. I felt that Eammon went out of his way to help me, even though out of his field, he was willing to help me find what I needed. He was kind and understanding and adapted to my circumstances with my children. I can’t praise him enough.’


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