Carmela* came along to the job fair with her daughter seeking work as a Cleaner. She had been struggling to find work for some time since she moved to London from her home in Portugal. As a cleaner, you must be able to take instruction from your supervisor but because of the language barrier (spoke little English but fluent Portuguese and Spanish), this was not possible.

Following the event, one of Abbatt’s recruiter’s – Cate, reached out to a client who she remembered often requires Portuguese and Spanish speaking staff. With this in mind, Cate exchanged emails with Carmela’s English speaking daughter and was able to register her with the agency which led to her being sent out for temporary work at the site. Carmela has made a great impression, so when a permanent position arises – she will have the opportunity to apply for the role, having already built up experience through temporary shifts.

*Name has been changed


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