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A regeneration programme uniting the public, private and third sectors to strengthen our local communities. Centred around promoting responsible procurement that generates local jobs for local people and local contracts for local businesses.

Join us as a partner

Become a partner at the London Jobs Fair and…

  • Access 100s of employers and training opportunities
  • Help residents access 1000s of opportunities
  • Connect with right suppliers for your residents
  • Access our Vacancy Bulletin
  • Help with running assessment days
  • Showcase your support in the local communities

What’s on offer?

For your residents

  • Notification of all the London Jobs Fairs
  • Referring job seekers to interviews including telephone interviews
  • First access to job opportunities via our vacancy bulletin
  • First access to ‘mini’ more focused employment events throughout the year
  • Access to ring fenced job opportunities throughout the year

For your employment and training staff

  • Extended support from our team. Think of us as your expanded team
  • Regular updates on latest employment opportunities from our employers ‘community’
  • Access to networking and training events for your employment and community investment staff
  • How to Access Funding, including identifying consortia bidding opportunities.

For your procurement staff

  • Engaging with your supply chain
  • Identify suppliers who are supporting social value
  • Identifying quality suppliers / quality bid submissions
  • Educating your supply chain about your approach to procurement
  • Transfer of knowledge and access to learning from Procurement colleagues from other partner housing associations and local authorities.


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