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It’s not all about jobs and opportunities, our partners help us to connect with neighbouring communities and bring more to residents, jobseekers and have less barriers. We also advertise opportunities at our events on our website, to our partners residents and even also run a range of programmes such as supplying training.
Contributions to improve social, environmental and economic well-being in our communities and bring together job opportunities for local residents and contracts for local businesses. For example this could mean contributing something like assistance or training a local unemployed resident to help them into employment. You can contact us directly if you would like advice on how to tackle social value including how you can raise your profile and be recognised as a good employer.
Our partners are all public sector organisations, with a strong concentration of Social Housing providers and local authorities and a growing number of other public sector organisations like universities and even the Bank of England.
We hold events each year in select boroughs in East, South and West London. A sub-regional approach is taken and we engage with the most appropriate partners in that sub-region – for example those housing associations with a high stock in any one sub-region.

You can have a little look at our partners page. You can easily get in touch with us to discuss the various options for you to partner with us.

Head over to our jobseeker page and just click on the Register Now button to register to attend an event where the date has already been set. Also you should keep an eye on our social media so that you can link in with those events that are in the pipeline.
You can use the chat on our site, message us on social media or use the contact us page to email us directly. You can even phone us between 9am and 5pm when our offices are open.
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